Together We Are Better

As DDCN continues to grow, our commitment to the people we serve remains our first priority. Ours is a network of shared values and resources—a team of professionals determined to help every individual thrive in a community setting through innovative, flexible programs capable of being adapted to specific needs. Together, we have created a laboratory of innovation, delivering some of the most responsive and creative human services in Omaha. DDCN services and supports are individualized to provide opportunities for every individual to grow and learn through community experiences and live meaningful and fulfilling lives. DDCN looks at the needs an individual has and finds a way to meet those needs, whether that means assisting the individual with utilizing additional resources, creating an environment that is tailored specifically for the individual, or finding a place where the individual has consistent care and support. DDCN truly believes all individuals have value and something that they can contribute to their communities, and individuals can learn new skills in the community.