Services Residential Services

DDCN believes that home is where a happy life begins. We break from industry standards with our commitment to matching individuals to compatible housemates, ensuring privacy by requiring separate bedrooms for all individuals not related to one another, ensuring a typical home-like environment by limiting group homes to no more than three individuals and 24 hour staffing is provided. DDCN group homes are located in single-family neighborhoods, close to services such as bus lines, shopping, fitness centers, library, and potential employers. We provided Habilitation through skilled and behavior programs. Our individuals are assisted in learning daily living skills, and are socially active in the community through regular outings.

Extended Family Homes Services

  • A private residence in the community where a Companion lives with an Extended Family Home Provider (an individual or couple).
  • A home where genuine, lasting relationships with individuals or families grow.
  • An atmosphere that encourages and supports a Companion’s right to self-determination and increased independence.
  • Integration into the community.
  • The right to choose which family or individual they will live with.
  • A home setting resulting in true individual care.
Developmental Disability Center of Nebraska
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    Supported Service​​​

    Promotes independent living. The individual chooses where they live, the type of service they need, and the hours of service they require.

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    Respite provides a temporary break from the rigors of being the primary caretaker of a person with developmental disabilities.

Vocational Services

DDCN offers many day program options that expose individuals to a variety of enriching community experiences and foster community involvement. These programs provide experiences and activities that are stimulating, value and also encourage good physical and cognitive health.

Designed for Each Individual

Daily activities are designed by staff to address the interests, skills and personal goals of each individual participant. Whether their goal is to find a job, learn new skills, or be an integral part of their community – we help individuals go beyond their challenges.

Here are examples of activities and a sample day.

Types of Activities

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    Each day at our Day Program is different. There are scheduled recreational or volunteer activities and the options change as the seasons change. In mild weather participants may:

    • Visit parks and zoos
    • Go hiking
    • Attend sporting events

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    Colder weather calls for indoor activities like:

    • Arts and crafts
    • Theater
    • Photography classes
    • Trips to museums and libraries
    • Bowling

In addition to trips and activities, groups get together to discuss world and community events. We also offer prevocational training through personalized community-based activities.

Day Programs FAQs

Contact our referral department to discuss specific needs. We will help find the best program for you!

Anywhere from 18 - 65+, we have day services appropriate for a wide variety of ages.

The amount of hours each day depends on the program but typically most people choose to attend from 8am-3:00pm.

A Sample Day

8:00 am: Meet at “The Hub” for morning sharing and social activities

12:00 pm: Lunch together

1:00 pm: Visit to the park for a group hike

3:00 pm: Time to go home

In Home Services

Adults who may have many of the skills necessary to live on their own choose DDCN’s In home Services.  Supervision is provided for a specified number of hours per day or week to provide assistance needed for people to develop skills necessary to live and/or work independently in the community.  Examples of services provided include: support with paying bills, grocery shopping, attending medical appointments and participating in social activities.